is a brand new app created by Montelbaan. With this tool you can detect datatheft and trace your files back to the thief. Before you can use it you only need to register with your email address. We use the email address to send out alerts to you. We’ve built this first beta version to get your feedback. Development started recently and we are planning to add features in the coming months based on your experience.

How Works

At you can download a unique .doc file called a 'probe'. You place the inconspicuous probe between your regular files and leave it untouched. When it's openend the probe will cause an alarm event at can be compared to a reverse Trojan or a honeypot to lure attackers without the need to install software or hardware. When other lines of defense fail and datatheft occurs can help to prevent worse. An alarm event will inform you about the time of detection and the location of where the probe was opened. Different types of probe documents will be supported in the future.